Who Are We?

      Moments To Be Remembered

      We are a photo + video team based in Penang, Malaysia, specializing in capturing weddings & love. A wedding is not just an event for us, but it is the union of two people committing themselves to one another for the rest of their lives. Capturing it is something we do not take lightly, and we truly feel so blessed to be able to take part in capturing one of the biggest days of people’s lives.

      After shooting a countless amount of weddings and being in the wedding industry for years now, we have witnessed the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the not-so-beautiful. That is why at the Leiora, we strive to focus on the real, raw, and genuine moments. It’s too easy to compare your wedding to the big wedding blogs or to compare your dress to the models on the runway, but we fight to go deeper than that. We want your wedding to be perfect and uniquely made for you. It’s really not about anything else but you and your fiancé making a vow to spend the rest of your lives with one another.

      Our hope is that your love will be translated through the photos and videos that we take. We want these photos and videos to stand through the good times and the bad times. Our dream is that you would look at your wedding film/wedding photos and remember your love for one another 10, 30, or 50 years later.

      1. A U T H E N T I C I T Y

      We feel honored that we get to work with couples who are not only so in love, but who stay true to who they are and the moments that unfold between them. We don’t like to manufacture anything that is not real. We focus on capturing your love and the day as it unfolds.

      2. T I M E L E S S N E S S

      We pinch ourselves every time because we cannot believe that this is what we do. We cannot believe that people trust us to capture and document one of the most important days of their lives. Our hope is that you would remember your promises and love for one another as you turn old and gray. We hope that your photos and videos would act as a time capsule of your love for one another.

      3. Q U A L I T Y

      We value quality. Quality work but also quality experience. We don’t want to just show up and say good bye, but we really want to strive to make your day the most memorable day ever. We love fostering quality relationships with our clients and take pride in the amount of time and effort we pour into the final product.


      Our approach to photography is a more modern and minimalistic approach. We love natural moments and we want your photos to be timeless! Have you ever looked at your mom’s old wedding album and thought to yourself “what on earth was she thinking”? Well, we don’t want that. We want your photos to be timeless and beautiful no matter what decade.

      WHY WE DO IT

      Wedding photography and videography are a lot of things, but primarily it is an investment. After your big night is over–dress is boxed away, cake is frozen, flowers are dried–you want to make sure that you’ll have something tangible to remember your day by. You’ll want to make sure that you can remember the day for exactly what it was. We want to capture those memories for you. We want to tell your love story! Over the years we’ve made some very meaningful relationships with our clients, and that’s why we love it so much. We feel so utterly and completely honored to be doing what we love and to be capturing one of the most important days of your life.


      We love love love natural light–can’t stress it enough! We’ll utilize it to it’s maximum potential. We don’t bring along heavy light stands and external flash devices (we only whip that out on the dance floor). We feel that natural light is the most effective tool in photography and we love being creative in different lighting conditions and playing around with different textures. It’s what makes photography creative and artistic!

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