Where are you located?

      Penang based!  We love to travel + do it as much as we can.  International weddings and travel prices vary.

      Do you travel?

      Yes we do! For weddings outside of Penang, a travel fee is added to the Basic Package, including:
      - Roundtrip Airfare for two (2) photographers.
      - Hotel Accommodations at the same hotel as Bride & Groom or within close distance.
      - Rental Car (if no shuttle to and from hotel is available)

      Out-of-Town Rates?

      Perlis – RM200 and accommodation
      Alor Setar/Jitra – RM180 and accommodation
      Kuala Lumpur – RM450 plus airfare and accommodation
      Kuantan - RM550 plus airfare and accommodation
      Johor – RM650 plus airfare and accommodation
      Kelantan – RM600 plus accommodation
      Terengganu – RM700 plus accommodation
      Sarawak – RM1200 plus airfare and accommodation
      Sabah - RM1800 plus airfare and accommodation
      Rates subject to change without prior notice. Terms of Payment

      How do I book my date?

      We require a 30% retainer with contract in order to book your wedding date.  The final amount is due one month before your wedding. Payment plans can always be made!

      Can we possibly see a full wedding from start to finish before booking?

      Of course! That’s part of what happens when we first meet. Because complete weddings include intimate photographs of the bride and groom getting dressed, we able to show images in person during our meeting, with permission from the clients whose wedding we're presenting.

      Do you offer discounts?

      We offer a discount off any wedding package that is unplugged.  Tell you guests to put their devices down + watch the magic that is your wedding day. Other than that, no discounts or coupons.  We're not sears.

      How long until I get my photos?

      1-2 weeks for Portrait sessions.  4-6 weeks for wedding.

      Do I get ALL the photos?  Can I edit them?

      Every photo you receive is edited, therefore, We give you the best photos taken from the day which usually ends up being at least 500 images, but usually more.  We ask that you don't edit any photos, that's why you hired us!

      Can you make my photos black + white, but keep the flowers in color?

      Nope. Never ever.  If you're asking this question, We're not the photographer for you.

      What gear do you have in your bag?

      Canon and Sony + all my pretties are insured.

      Will you cry at my wedding?

      Without a doubt, yes.

      Being in this business for more than eight years, what have you learned?

      Shower before every wedding. Be nice to everybody (including grumpy photographers). Better to be overdressed than under. Bring extra batteries. Never be late. Your bride is your queen. Do as she wishes.