When can we expect our photos?

      You'll wake up the morning after your wedding to a sneak peek of at least 15 edited photos. All your photos will be delivered in 4-5 weeks via an online gallery you can share with family + friends.

      How many images can we expect?

      Depending on the size of your wedding, we deliver approximately 100-250 photos per hour of coverage. There is no limit on the photos you will receive!

      Do we need a second photographer?

      A second photographer is typically recommended for weddings with 250 guests or more, and/or certain venue layouts.

      Why do your package include just two videographers?

      We’re all about quality vs quantity. For us, being selective about what we shoot and how we shoot it is key to making creative wedding films. This is where including two videographers in our packages comes in: instead of diluting the quality of your footage by filming every single thing, we focus on the moments, people, and considered details that contribute to the overall spirit of your celebration. Doing so allows us to stay curious and creative throughout the entire wedding day, and ultimately results in a better and more unique film for you to look back on. Also, having 3, 4 shooters is not our idea of efficiency or fun, especially when many of the clients we work with prefer a mostly non-obtrusive, documentary approach. Lastly, for weddings requiring travel we can help reduce costs (for airfare, lodging, local transport) if there’s only two videographers to consider.

      Note: there are a few situations where we would advise hiring a third videographer. For example, when you have 500+ guests or are interested in booking our top package. Additional fees may apply in these cases if you’re planning a grand wedding.

      Can we customize a package?

      Of course! Check out the Pricing Guide to get a feel for the most popular packages. I can always tailor something custom specific to what you are planning.

      We love photography/videography - especially about ourself

      You know who you are! We love you too, because you will definitely be fun to photograph/film. We do feed off our subject’s energy and love to collaborate.

      What's required to book you for our wedding?

      All that is required to book me is a 30% deposit and the signed contract. You can always adjust your package once you have a better idea of logistics.

      What if something happens to my photographer/videographer?

      Once committed, our photographers will be there! There are no ifs, whys or buts.

      However, if something tragic occurs we would have one of our other studio photographers fill in. We are also very connected in the photography world, so we’ll have you covered.

      Will you cry at my wedding?

      Without a doubt, yes.

      Being in this business for more than ten years, what have you learned?

      Shower before every wedding. Be nice to everybody (including grumpy photographers). Better to be overdressed than under. Bring extra batteries. Never be late. Your bride is your queen. Do as she wishes.

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