2023/2024 WEDDINGS

      Being natural and honest are the best ingredients for a great photography/videography in our dictionary. We love to let an intimate moment flow without distractions, yet when in need we are more than willing to give a hint of direction — so little that we do not take away the essence of you.

      You might laugh, you might cry, you might get lost in a deep romantic moment or you might just look at each other’s eyes in silence, and that’s alright. You might also forget the conversation, the smell of the flowers or beautiful scenery, but you will always remember how you feel.

      Everything that you feel within are worth capturing, and that.. is you being real.

      How We Work

      01 Chat over Coffee

      Meet over coffee (or Zoom) to discover more about each other, find out if our aesthetic are in-tune with your vision, and learn how photography and videography can help shape your joyous event.

      02 Craft the Vision

      After deciding to work together, we’ll craft a storyboard that maps the style, mood, colours, theme, and locations, to reflect the essence of your vision.

      03 Document the Day

      Enjoy focusing on the people you care about the most and watching your vision unfold, knowing they’ll be documented in the most ideal way for future reliving.

      04 Process in the magic factory

      Snaps from the day will be individually and thoughtfully processed with our signature aesthetic. Skin tones stay rich and true, lighting is optimized, and the mood – authentic and visceral.

      05 Deliver & enjoy

      In about 2 weeks, you’ll receive a handful of highlights from the wedding. These will include some of the best moments from the day and ones with key people. You’ll the complete set of final photos in about 3 months, viewable and downloadable in high resolution in a personal online gallery.

      What We Offer


      The goal is simple: to reflect the best you in photos with no effort required from you. We’ll actively direct portrait sessions to choreograph the ideal people and environmental interactions, and we’ll fade in the background during key moments like the ceremony to document without you even noticing our presence.

      See more detail about our process below and reach out to learn more about how we could work together.

      Reach Out
      Couple Sessions

      Keeping the feelings and emotions real is how we approach a couple session.

      Leiora’s couple sessions are designed not only for those who wish to have pre-wedding photos taken, but to all who believe that true love should be celebrated. This could be anything from a heartwarming post-wedding photoshoot to vow renewals-and the only way to capture all this beauty is by documenting raw intimacy between you and your couple.

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      When can we expect our photos?

      You'll wake up the morning after your wedding to a sneak peek of at least 15 edited photos. All your photos will be delivered in 4-5 weeks via an online gallery you can share with family + friends.

      How many images can we expect?

      Depending on the size of your wedding, we deliver approximately 100-250 photos per hour of coverage. There is no limit on the photos you will receive!

      Do we need a second photographer?

      A second photographer is typically recommended for weddings with 250 guests or more, and/or certain venue layouts.

      Why do your package include just two videographers?

      We’re all about quality vs quantity. For us, being selective about what we shoot and how we shoot it is key to making creative wedding films. This is where including two videographers in our packages comes in: instead of diluting the quality of your footage by filming every single thing, we focus on the moments, people, and considered details that contribute to the overall spirit of your celebration. Doing so allows us to stay curious and creative throughout the entire wedding day, and ultimately results in a better and more unique film for you to look back on. Also, having 3, 4 shooters is not our idea of efficiency or fun, especially when many of the clients we work with prefer a mostly non-obtrusive, documentary approach. Lastly, for weddings requiring travel we can help reduce costs (for airfare, lodging, local transport) if there’s only two videographers to consider.

      Note: there are a few situations where we would advise hiring a third videographer. For example, when you have 500+ guests or are interested in booking our top package. Additional fees may apply in these cases if you’re planning a grand wedding.

      Can we customize a package?

      Of course! Check out the Pricing Guide to get a feel for the most popular packages. I can always tailor something custom specific to what you are planning.

      We love photography/videography - especially about ourself

      You know who you are! We love you too, because you will definitely be fun to photograph/flim. We do feed off our subject’s energy and love to collaborate.

      Do you recommend we get ready at our venue, or at a hotel?

      Getting ready photos are a huge part of the process. We highly recommend our clients to look at the space they will be getting ready at whether it is at the venue or off site: Does it have good natural light, is it a space they feel good in without clutter on the walls, are there windows to allow for sun to pour in and to look out at the scenery. If you feel your venue may not be a good fit, an AirBnB or a nice spacious hotel room with large windows are always great options for getting ready in.

      What's required to book you for our wedding?

      All that is required to book me is a 30% deposit and the signed contract. You can always adjust your package once you have a better idea of logistics.

      What if something happens to my photographer/videographer?

      Once committed, our photographers will be there! There are no ifs, whys or buts.

      However, if something tragic occurs we would have one of our other studio photographers fill in. We are also very connected in the photography world, so we’ll have you covered.

      Welcome to wedding planning newly engaged couples!

      When beginning to plan your wedding, it can be overwhelming to balance vendors, budgets, and plans. Especially after falling down a Pinterest rabbit hole!

      One of the most important vendors to book first is your photographer/videographer. Many couples are often stumped during this critical part of the process. And we get it! It can be difficult to navigate all the styles available while also figuring out what you want and need for your own wedding.

      While every wedding and photographer/videographer is different, that doesn’t mean you need to navigate it alone. That’s why we’ve put together this in-depth guide to give you insight into everything that impacts the final cost of your photography/videography!



      One of the most important factors influencing the cost of your wedding photography is one that many couples often don’t expect – the date of your wedding.

      The best way to think of it is like airline tickets or hotels. During the holidays or peak season, there is an increased demand for a limited number of supply available, so prices go up. That’s why we always like to book our tickets to your destination wedding early

      It’s exactly the same with weddings. The wedding season in Malaysia runs from May-October, and the most popular day is Friday & Saturday. That means there are a limited number of dates available for most photographers with many couples inquiring for those popular dates. So getting married on a Saturday in peak season means you may have a higher photography cost.

      If you’re looking to save money on your wedding, getting married on a less popular date like a Friday or Sunday, choosing the off-season, or even having a weekday wedding. Relatives and friends often won’t mind, and that means you can often get better pricing with your dream photographer.


      Wedding photography / Videography in the Kuala Lumpur or Penang area can range anywhere from RM1800 to RM15000. That may feel like a big range…and that’s because it is! Every wedding is different and all of the factors above can affect your total cost for photography / Videography .

      And we’ll be real with you for a moment. Your wedding photography / Videography is an investment. This is a huge day that you are pouring much time, money, energy (and usually blood, sweat, and tears!) into. There is a difference between having the day simply documented versus the day being truly captured.

      One of our couples said it best themselves:

      “On a whirlwind of a day, being able to preserve these moments means everything to us. I’m not just saying this to be kind, we have not stopped talking about the quality of your work since we got our very first look. The difference between good photography and stellar photography is very obvious to us both now.”

      To receive a quote for pricing based on your individual needs, wants, and desires for the day from at The Leiora, just fill out the form below.